Course curriculum

The People Of Colour Spray Tan Course

  • 2


    • My Spray Tan Story

  • 3

    Module 1 Why People Of Colour Get A Spray Tan

    • Why People of Colour Get A Spray Tan

    • Module One Quick Quiz

  • 4

    Module 2 The Fitzpatrick Scale

    • The Fitzpatrick Scale and DHA Review

    • Module 2 Quick Quiz

  • 5

    Module 3 Let's Talk About Bronzers

    • The Three Different Types of Bronzer

    • Module 3 Quick Quiz

  • 6

    Module 4 Are Your Eyes Telling Lies?

    • Module 4 Are your Eyes Telling Lies: Undertones

    • Module 4 Quick Quiz

  • 7

    Module 5 Product Over Brand

    • Module 5 Product over Brand

    • Module 5: Quick Question

  • 8

    The POC Market: How to build clients and gain trust.

    • Module 6 How to Build Clients and Gain Trust

    • Final Quick Quiz

    • Pt 2 of final Quick Quiz



Maria Michelle'lee

I am Maria Michelle’lee a 3x Certified Master Spray Tan Therapist and Trainer, specializing in spray tanning people of colour and have been in the industry spanning over ten years. I am also a Beauty Business Coach and Life Motivator, teaching women how to Show Up to Level Up in their beauty biz! I was introduced to spray tanning to add as an extra service to her former fitness company. From there I took extra steps to truly understand the services that provide a clear understanding of skin texture and tone. -And most importantly that not every solution of spray tan is meant for everyone. Spray tanning is a combination of art and science, painting the body to accentuate or camouflage features using the correct blend for one’s skin tone, dryness, and desired color.” My goal is for everyone, every shade, shape, and size can have a healthy natural look, with clean and natural products providing an amazing look and feel for all. I take great pride in my work and continually educate myself with the latest innovations in the sunless industry – “It’s evolving like any beauty service and it’s my job to provide my clients and students with the finest quality products and expertise.”

Social proof: testimonials

I Cannot Scream Loud Enough!!

Trista-lee Beauty Vernon B.C

Recently I participated in Maria's POC spray tanning class. I cannot scream it loud enough, if you are a spray tan artist or want to get into spray tanning, you NEED to take this course! Not only was it full of information on how to spray tan POC and how to be more inclusive, but it was also a safe place to ask all kinds of questions. Maria is so bubbly and kind, I would 1000% recommend her POC spray tan training.

What Can I Say About This Course!!

Clair Hooper-Beauty Biz Coach & Digital Course Creator - Toronto, Ontario

The POC Spray Tan Course gave me so much! This course wasn't just about the differences but also had advice about products and techniques to help you achieve the best results for your clients. Maria is an educator that wants you to be successful in her courses. I highly recommend Maria if you're looking for practical knowledge examples and an experienced educator.

So glad I took this course!

Jennifer- Sweet Aesthetics- Florida

I really loved taking this course, it helped me become more educated in my community and become more inclusive.

So refreshing knowing this education is availble

Kapree-L Professional Make-Up Artist- Edmonton, AB

“I cannot tell you how excited I am to hear about this course. It is so important to know that sunless tanning options are available for everyone. Maria has not only created a safe place to have the conversation about diversity in the sunless tanning world, She is drawing attention to an untapped market. “